terminus et languidus

When I tire of lexical diversion, the Latin will cease. For now, for the beginning of my venture onto this particular blogosphere, it is my blue blanket.

Terminus: terminated, determined, limited; see also, the estrangement of the newly gadeated MFA poetess from the poetic community at large.

Languidus: languid, listless, rather bored; see also, the estranged poetess attempting reconciliation through lexical diversion.

I promise not to be so annoying in future.

For now: hello, Blog. Hello, bloggers. I am a crazed, unemployed former graduate student seeking to occupy herself. Yes, I've said this six ways 'til Sunday, I think.

In any case, I hope to use this space as a poetical, heretical, philosophical soapbox. I read articles, poems, I say things. I will attempt to refrain from self-deprecation and unemployed/underemployed ranting as much as possible, as I don't see these things as befitting a serious dialectic, which I hope this will become.


brandijay said…
Welcome to the blogosphere, my friend ;)
brandijay said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
brandijay said…
Crap. It posted twice. Now it looks like I wrote something creepy and changed my mind. I didn't. But I can if you want ;)
Oh, will you? Write something creepy, I mean. :D
kevin said…
I came here looking for the origin of the phrase "six ways 'til Sunday." Any info you can offer?

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