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NPM Poet Mortem

So, that was National Poetry Month I just ignored, huh.

Not entirely! I have been plugging away in my introverted way and have come to the surface with a renewed poetical spirit and readiness to participate in a workshop once again. Yes, I am pleased to have been accepted to one of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop's several Lit Fest Master Workshops - with CAConrad, no less! I just submitted my manuscript for the workshop today and am looking forward to digging into my fellow workshoppers' offerings ahead of the class.

There have been so many upheavals in my life of late, it has been difficult to keep up with them deeply and broadly enough to process them in verse form. So, I'm hopeful that this opportunity to get back into a classroom setting with my work will renew my focus and energy to that end.

I have the abiding sense that forward progress will be made and I'd better make provisions to take my poetry with me - I'm going to need it for the long haul; it's g…

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