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Novel Break!



The Museum of Stones by Carolyn Forché

Consigned to Dance Over Pots and Pans


Kevin Barnes, please to being my babydaddy

John Hodgman via mental_floss

Paper Skin, Novel, Fanciful Acronyms, Sarah Palin Playing the Flute Dreadfully

Dear Mr. Hughes

Yet another reason Japan is cooler than I am

Many oddnesses lead one to Bird

Getting up, falling down, getting up

Here are three of my favorite things!


"From bad to verse"?? Dude.

Of the butchery arts

Okay, I jump in this hot mess. With librarian glasses, shoe-gaze aesthetic.

Oh, boys ARE dumb, aren't they?

For Ms. Brandi

BROADcast for blogland

Cowboy Song

It is hereby declared

How important is the Truth?

Ganked from the WomPo

All Hail Poet Hair

Garfield Minus Garfield

A Human Poem

Are Poets Human?

I've always been partial to unusual Valentines

All of them?