Yet another reason Japan is cooler than I am

Text-message novels. Really, it just reminds me of how much I desire a Kindle. Though, I think reading a novel on the screen of my sad little Razr would make for a migrane and a half.

In all seriousness, I get excited when I hear about new modes of transmitting literature. It reassures me of my feeling that art and culture work in tandem. It's funny - the further isolated I am from both academia and the poetry scene (I don't much care for readings...[the vast majority of] poets can't read poetry...sorry), the more I realize that sanctifying and isolating literature is silly, reactionary, and symptomatic of a bit of paranoia.

Ad nauseum, I say what's the point of writing if only other writers are going to hear what you've got to say? I started writing because I wanted to be heard, because I felt that I had a way with words and interesting things to say, and, on a more personal level still, that I didn't feel that I was otherwise noticed...for all the scribbling and self-reflexivity, this still feels true. I suspect a lot of writers feel this way, so it's easy to see that fear of rejection motivates a lot of writers to stay insulated from mainstream culture. And then, of course, we could go on all day about what defines "mainstream culture" and whether it's even worthy of courtship and ultimately we'll all end up saying the same thing in dictions so distinct, we'll consider ourselves intellectual opposites anyway. So, yeah. Raspberries.

Wow. All this spurned from a little blurb about cellphone novels. Forget this. Er - it's the new serial! Poets should text message poems! Yeah!

I need to update this thing more often. And, does it bug anyone that I conflate literature/poetry/art so often? Because, too bad. You're not really readin this shite anyway.


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