Kevin Barnes, please to being my babydaddy

I fell in love with Of Montreal as a freshman in college (before the hipsters really got a hold of them, natch - though one could argue they've always been a hipsterish band, having come out of the indie scene of Athens, GA in the late 90s), when I was generally enamoured of neo-psychedelia for its unabashed Dada revival aesthetic (notice the Exquisite Corpse stylings in the vid) and buoyant, utterly uncynical cheerfulness. While nothing they've done since can really hold a candle to Cherry Peel, I do like their latest effort, Skeletal Lamping. I'll probably be ever more unpopular for saying that I dig it more than Hissing Fauna Are You the Destroyer?, and almost as much as Satanic Panic in the Attic. In case you haven't noticed, they also have the BEST ALBUM NAMES EVER. And, really, it feels quite unethical playing favorites with Of Montreal albums. They all feel like children: each engenders its own unique squidgy feeling, throws its own special tantrum.


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