Paper Skin, Novel, Fanciful Acronyms, Sarah Palin Playing the Flute Dreadfully

...has no ill effects, even though it is very weird.

The condition is called "articial uticaria" - plain ole uticaria is hives, so I'm guessing the "artificial" is in reference to its being somewhat controllable by the sufferer. How cool would it be to use your own skin as a notebook? You could even tell people how you're feeling without speaking or making an expression. I would simply write F*** OFF across my forehead.


I'm gearing up to attempt NaNoWriMo again this year. I've been feeling the itch to return to fiction (not to abaondon poetry, per se, though I do tire of my obtuse lyricism at times and would like to learn how to write plainly again). I "won" while in grad school, tried again and fell off the wagon after only a few thousand words a couple years back. So, in a way, if I succeed, it will be my proof to myself that I can be productive outside academia.

At first, I was thinking of writing an experimental novel, using a form M. and I invented, which I dubbed the "Acronymic." Basically, we started making up acronyms for random words, as is sometimes my wont.

Example: Gnat = Giant ninja-approved teleprompter.

The Acronymic is simply chaining made-up acronyms. So in the case of the example, I would use "Teleprompter" to create a new acronym:

tiny electrified lemurs exact pitiless revenge on mothers, prompting terrifying election result

followed by:

resolute electioneers sometimes undertake lilting tunes

and so on and so forth. Sometimes the acronym has something to do with what it represents, more often not. Usually they are silly and make very little sense and are quite fun for limbering up one's vocabulary, which can sadly become a bit of a wreck in an understimulating office environment such as mine.

However, I came to the realization right quick that a string of 50,000 words' worth of Acronymic might be a bit overkill, in that people may die reading it. Thus, I am endeavoring to plot a more traditional narrative.

Thus far, I've sketched several very interesting characters who will be doing very interesting things in a rather Seinfeldian sort of way. But the point of the exercise is to prove to myself that I can produce. Lately, I've been in serious doubt of my writerly stamina. Some of you know about my personal issues, but I prefer to compartimentalize, so in the immortal words of Forrest Gump: That's all I have to say about that.


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