Okay, I jump in this hot mess. With librarian glasses, shoe-gaze aesthetic.

I've never had much interest in SATC. Urbane professional women who spend too much money on shoes generally don't interest me. I refuse to spend more than $50 on shoes.

So good on ya, Ms. Traister. Although, to say that Emily Gould's avatar/persona/whatever is basically another Scary Sadshaw is a bit confounding to me. I mean, I GET it. But, I think my aversion to the point has something more to do with the fact that I appreciate her writing and not so much Candace Bushnell. Which is personal, which is in effect not at all interesting, which makes me like Joni Mitchell? Somehow?? For some reason, this reminds me of Neruda's poetics of impurity or whatever. Such a leap. But really, I love Emily to shreds and Jezebel in general. Just sayin. Confessional will always be dirty, but a girl can get photographed in her bed if she pleases.

Yes we CAN stop directing our energies at tearing down other women writers. And often do. But those women writers who aren't establishing sexy personae (or subverting sexiness and making that somehow sexy in a meta kinda way...or something) aren't really paid much attention. That is the view I must second here.

Actually, I think I really just dislike SATC, and that was my main point. Methinks my thesis could be a bit clearer. It's been a long day.


My life has been a bit crazy lately. I am a bit of crazy lately. But head above water, ladies. Head above water! AND, I'm totally going to see Kids in the Hall tonight. GIVE me your jealousy.


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