If you're a switchblade

I'm a penknife. Brandi, Becca, Hanna: kudos on a fabulous reading. Three more graceful blondes there never were. Keep me on your guest list.

Imagine this if you will: a poetry reading beginning within 15 minutes of it's slated time, complete with three poets who read no more than 5 poems a piece. Fabulous poems. That's something that makes me think that hey, maybe we are in it for the art, not to be walking egos.

I think I'll go write a poem now.


becca said…
Thanks so much for coming, Lindsay! It meant a lot. And thank the Mr. (the Rev.??? hehe not yet, right?) for us!
Thanks again, Becca - you guys do the program proud. And no, not Rev. yet (thank Goddess), though perhaps Irrev. would do. :)
brandijay said…
Yes, Lindsay and David, thank you for coming!! It was much appreciated ;)
aytch said…
oh my gosh, lindsay. i just saw this post. it was so great that you and yr husband came to the reading! and thanks for the kind words as well! it was so good to see you there!

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