The Choir Still Wants Preaching

So it seems, poetry still appeals to me, though I needed a breather. My goal for the coming year is to keep this blog as active as possible, in my hermitous way.

As for recent happenings:

I have been married for a year, living in Chicago two, and hopelessly involved in dreamlife for 24.

As of ages ago, I've got a few poems floating about cyberia: three in Kristy Bowen's fabulously Wicked Alice, and one in 21 Stars. I've also got a couple coming out in the next Black Clock.

I'm revving up to roll out the big guns (massive submissions for me seem perpetually on the horizon). I've been reading much more prose of late. I feel that if I read too much poetry (as I had been doing), my love of reading thins out. Though Alice Fulton and Jane Hirschfield have been bright lights of late.

As for recent ruminations:

I cannot do without both prose and poesy. To divorce one from the other seems a disservice to the potential of both. I am looking forward to my second Nanowrimo.

As for recent employ:

I've been diligently answering phone and photocopying maps and reports for an environmental company in the loop. Gradually, I'm convincing the higher-ups of my editing skill. My latest challenge is to compose a 1200 word article on a recent re-interpretation of a financial accounting standard. I am less than familiar with environmental industry jargon, but all jargon can be condensed and elucidated by plain English and some elbow grease.

And so this blog shall consist henceforth (I hope) of more plain English and copious elbow grease.


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