As the man says,

"If you are mauled by bears I hope they stay away from your face, because I think you're cute."

Best Valentine ever.

Another Valentine: The 27 rue de fleures super Valentine special issue! Okay, don't brow-beat me because it's still "under construction" - the poems are up, including one of mine, as well as a couple from the incomparable Becca Klaver. Pimp them poems.

Speaking of big pimping, I'm all over that hot Switchback action this eve. 8:30 at the California Clipper. Yes, the hermitess emerges. Exciting! Hopefully the snow does not impede my travels. But don't worry, guys, I work best under pressure. Preferably of the inclement variety.


Christopher said…
you've been tagged for a meme on my blog, feb 24th entry.

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