Dead Poets Reanimated

It's been a long, isolated holiday season, y'all. Most people I talk to go through this phase - midwinter malaise, I'll call it. Is it the holiday travel? Hangovers? Seasonal affective disorder? For me, I think my social gland (this is all SCIENCE and COMPLETELY TRUE) gets fatigued from overexposure to other humans sharing too much of my genetic makeup. You know, all my illigitimate children.

In any case, I found this today and I thought of you...Blog. I know, I know. There's no MEAT here. I'm currently scavanging the murkier inlets of the interwebs for better, more USDA Grade A cuts. In the meantime, this way cool poetry thing that you should totally look at will have to do.

They're definitely surreal, though I wish the person who edited the video hadn't splashed the title over half the poems' recitals, if that makes sense.


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