Backcountry, Frontcountry, Maybe a Little Sidecountry

Of note:

  • I'm happy to say I've been Requited on these here interwebs. Thanks to Danielle for encouraging me to hook myself up there - it looks like some pretty things will be happening, and I'm pleased as punch to be one of the pretty things (if I say so myself).

  • This week is looking to be the longest in the history of ever, in spite of its slight brevity (half day on Friday), because M. and I are making a whirlwind hiking trip to Kentucky. I'm all geared up (literally and figuratively). It will be a welcome respite from the sharp angles and crowded spaces of the city.

  • This creation is quite possibly the best thing I've seen today. Masterfully done.

  • Looking forward to pogroup this evening at Cafe Ennui. It'll be nice to meet on the far northside for a change, and I've always had a soft spot for Ennui.

  • I've been taking guitar lessons for a while now at Evanston's venerable Guitar Works and have noticed that there are particular keys I prefer to sing in. Naturally, they are not the same keys I prefer to play in. As a trained vocalist, one might have suspected I would have come to this conclusion - oh - YEARS ago, maybe? Not so. Because I use my capo like a true cavalier (were cavaliers to use capos, come with me on this one, you'll be rewarded) and because I only play for myself really and thus have not developed the transposition abilities required to collaborate on such pieces as I've jacked up to the fifth fret or so in order to continue playing in "G major", I am at an impasse of sorts. Not insurmountable, by any means, but meaning that I must suck it up and learn to play reasonably well in keys other than "G major" or learn to transpose or relent that I will never be able to write any songs with other humans. Yeah, that last one isn't really an option. I don't like giving up, even though it is easy! Also, like everyone else in the world, I hate the F chord and think it is HIGHLY appropriate that it is F. As in, mother-F'r, I hate playing this chord, I'm going to capo 2 so I can play an "E" instead!

  • AHEM. Pardon the guitar goobledeegook. If this were BoingBoing, I would lend you a unicorn chaser. You'll just have to watch that video instead.

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