I couldn't say it much better

Than this. Or this. Or this.

Body-snarking is a form of hate speech. It is dehumanizing, and thus unacceptable. Ad hominem attacks are nothing new. Boycotting and shaming the perpetuators of these kind of attacks obviously will not stop them...in fact, it will probably garner this troll more hits, which is exactly his intent in causing this kerfuffle (also why I am not directly linking to any of his sites.  If you like me, please don't go to them).

BUT, as Daniela and others have pointed out, supporting those who are truly working to bring positivity to the arts community is the best course of action we can take in such a situation. So support Kristy! In fact, I'm sending her my chapbook mss. post haste! 

Cheers! (And I promise to come out of the woodwork in a slightly more substantive way very soon.)


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