The future is now

2010 is here, Dick Clark is very shiny and orange and people are still trying to get away with wearing those doofy 200_ glasses, despite it being a new decade. Get the net, folks.

M. and I spent NYE in Iowa for the second year in a row. Oddly, I saw more people that evening than I usually do on any given weekend in Chicago. I don't know that I should be admitting that in a public forum, but this is the internet, so you all know about introversion.

While I find the whole resolution-making thing passe, I will say that generally I resolve to be bigger of heart and smaller of butt. Also, to put some more poems out into the world. And maybe finish reading The Faerie Queene.

Each succeeding year sounds more and more like science fiction. Remember when 10 years seemed like an impossible increment of time? I'm old enough that I remember the 90's fairly well, but the oughties was my first adult decade, so I'm waxing nostalgic. Two degrees, one divorce, and precious few moments of triumph later - for the first time - I do not have a clear path ahead of me. I highly recommend that.


RobertsonAt604 said…
a bigger heart, not butt.

i like that. thanks for your words. I encourage you to keep writing in the new year as well as releasing all the poetry you possibly can. enjoy life while you can without a plan but when you pass by doors dont get so relaxed that you forget to open them, even just to see the room inside. thanks!
Yeah...where the hell did 10 years go and what the hell did I do with them? LOL!

Here's to another year. Good luck with all you do.
Nicole said…
I like your comment about not having a new path. Happy New Year!

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