Parable or Zen Koan?

You decide. Last night, D. told me about a wonderful little parable from the Gospel of Thomas which didn't make it into the canon. Went a little like this:

The kingdom of God is like a woman carrying a jar full of meal. Without her having known it, the jar breaks and by the time the woman gets home, she realizes that the jar has been emptied of meal.

That's it.

Wonder why it didn't make it into the canon, hm? The nourishment of divine absence, perhaps?

In any case, I'm totally writing about this one. Of course, I'm paranoid that in sharing this with the blogosphere, someone else will pick up the idea and write a much better poem about it. However, one must get past this shifty sort of paranoia in order to be a productive little blog engine, I realize.

But I got dibs. Just sayin'.


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