In case you weren't already convinced of my perversity, allow me to present this tidbit for your consideration (heh, she said "for your consideration"):

I look forward to Rejections.

But only with a capital R, as in: "You're Really Special, but Really also not that special, Regretfully, we cannot publish your Regurgitated efforts, but Really, once you get all of that bile up, drop us a line." Little slips of paper with little notes stuffed into my neatly type-written SASEs do not bother me so much as little slips of paper which look as though they've never passed into human hands prior to my receiving them.

That said, I continue to appreciate my Rejection from Mid-American Review (although, the smiley face, Really, kind of schmaltzy). The rejection from Phoebe - can't say the same. Maybe at least a sad face next time, eh?

I suppose it's not so perverse, but honestly, I don't know what I would do if I got some shit accepted by a print journal sans nepotism. Perhaps decoupaging my litter can with those little slips does beat all. Or, at very least, beats Reception.


Anonymous said…
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Christopher said…
what did the rejection actually say, besides the smiley face. what color?
well, it just said "Thank you, Lindsay! :smiley face: illegible signature" (Karen, perhaps?)

but, I suppose it would be really good if it had been pink. but the slip was green, so it probably wouldn't have shown up very well. wait! does the color of the slip matter? /sarcasm

:smiley face:
Christopher said…
I've gotten different colors each time! But they also have more than one rejection slip, different depending on the standard rejection they send. Was it at least a "please send again" rejection"?

And how long did they take to get back to you?
three-month TOT - no "please sent again" alas.
brandijay said…
I used to file all my rejection slips in alphabetical order... I mean for years... how sick is that?!? ;)

p.s. Love the new pic... I'll be looking for that one on the back of your first book!
dude, that's pretty sick, although, I do keep track of all my submissions alphabetically on typed index cards in a recipe box, so I don't know if I'm a great judge of sickness myself. ;)

and thanks. :)

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