How could I not appreciate this project?

This livejournaler has been profiling/riffing on a different saint for every day for one year. Magdalene is my patroness, so I linked to that one in particular. Also check out his project from last year, which was a bit more popular (because of its interactive quality) - giving a flower to a stranger/random person every day. The range of reactions people give to such a simple act is really quite incredible.

Speaking of flowers, I have to give another recommendation: if you haven't been to the Chicago Botanic Garden yet, do go! It's worth the trek, Glencoe's really not that horrendous a suburb (though, take the Metra if you are able - driving there's a bit of a trick and parking is $15) and the gardens are a sketch artist's dream. Though, do go during the week if you are able and would like to not see the Zen rock garden defiled by masses of unwashed and screaming toddlers. Just sayin.


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