Printer's Ball Bust

Pun intended. Apparently, I missed out big time this year (I was watching the Harry Potter movie, though I would have liked to have gotten in on the early action of the Ball - my Poetry tote is starting to look a bit careworn).

But before you get your panties in a bunch, take a look at this. I wish I were more up on current po-vents, so I could have seen some of that infamous vitriol. I have an inkling that many folks are on the side of my latter blogger's, in that they are thoroughly turned off the following aspects of a segment of the so-called poetry community: rampant grandstanding, bullying, entitlement complexes, and not least of all, that lovely antiquated hippie reactionary atttitude.

D. says I use adverbs when I'm angry. There you go.

EDIT: I ventured back to Chicagoist to have another crack at reading those comments (they wouldn't load on first try, for some reason). My opinion stands. And how.

EDIT (part the second): Thanks to Becca for posting this link over yonder at the Columbia MFA blog. Phew, that's a lotta a hrefin. In any case - quite a bizzare little article, I thought. And I like the nice little bow at the end, viz they were wearing full-on riot gear, AND they were extremely pissed off courteous and pleasant. Hm?

Having not been there myself (and I guess this just means that I should shut up about it, if we're going to take up Mr. Laity's party line), I can't say what it really felt like. But there are two somewhat opposing paradoxes for you to ponder, if you will:

Paradox #1: As I mentioned before, COURTEOUS POLICE wearing FULL RIOT GEAR.


Paradox #2: UNLICENSED ACTIVITIES for the benefit of the POETRY COMMUNITY. (paradox or correlation? I leave it to my reader(s) to decide.)

Now, the above capitalized phrases are sort of shouty words and I realize that I could be chasing me tail here, but Myers-Briggs J people who are shouting about how NICE it was and how DESERVED was the PUNISHMENT: curb thy tongues and look plainly upon Myers-Briggs P people who are shouting about how THE MAN is trying to BRING DOWN all the highly EFFECTIVE ART that was going down. Vice versa. Look at each other. Don't you feel a bit of a fool? And don't each of you have a bit of right on your side?


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