Googly sonnets

via HTMLGIANT, The Internet Is an English Sonnet randomly generates an - you guessed it - English sonnet based on your word selection and its fancypants search engine stylings. It's a great way to kill a few minutes, then you can say that you've actually written something today, because you *sort of* have. Here's mine - I call it "Child Beauty Pageant Contestant." Enjoy.

Wow factor? That he bought the nautilus
the stratosphere. Directory. Allow
one size determined heart at what. Unless...
for greater joy, maria, told. Below
that met a fusion energy produced
that government before full score, acquired
by taking him enhanced with such; reduced
up manning. Dealing. Meter: peg. Required
to thinking. Animated dead, attend
this summer issue everyone? Repeat
by arson. Following me right again
on economic crisis through. Indeed
the anecdotal evidence, japan
the furnace as nutrition or martine.


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