Poe Archives Live!

UT Austin, you alone redeem the miserable cess pool that is the state of Texas. I'm going to have to do some serious geeking out over this collection. Happy Friday!


ellaesther said…
Imma thread-jack right back! This is a great little thing you got going on here! Please write more, because it's making me happy.

And thank you for stopping by over to my place! If you're interested in catching up with some other Jez folks, you can find information about a message board at my site, and if you'd just like to visit me once and a while, that would be great too.

And yes, I believe "since May" is at LEAST an epoch. Will I find a fossil of you in Jez's quadrant of cyberspace?
Lindsay Bell said…
Likely, you will find the fossilized imprint of distressed leggings in a room of the jezcave scrawled with unintelligable twitter rants @ Samantha Ronson. In honor of my namesake.

I mean, I LOVE the women on Jez (most of them anyway!), but it was gettin a leetle bit noisy and ethically confounding in there for my taste (I am mostly a woman of few well-chosen words).

I will most certainly be back to your place - I know next to nothing about the Israel-Palestine conflict, WASP that I am, so grateful am I for your primer!

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