Experience is the mama of science

Today is my birthday. Last night, M. presented me with a poem - the first and only attempt he's made at poetry-writing. To his credit, it seems he's absorbed a lot from the poetry (equal shares mine and not-mine) I've let him in on in the little over a year we've been together - it was really rather good! It warms the cockles of my heart truly to find that it is possible to win over a not-poet who thinks he cannot "do" or "understand" poetry. Of course, not to make you think I'm anything less of an elitist snob as far as my feelings on the democratization of poetry, I don't think everyone should be a poet. That would be a scary, scary world. Trust there is a layer of the multiverse in which verse is currency and everyone has to be a poet in order to survive. I like this layer better, though it might be nice to pay my rent in quatrains.

In short, it will be difficult to top this bday present, but you are more than welcome to try, friends.


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