New (to you) Poem!

At DIAGRAM. Just reading the rest of the issue over my lunch break, but I can already see I'm in good company.

It's good to have a home for that one. I feel like its publication brings even more solid, public closure to the chapter it represents for me. And it was definitely a cathartic piece to write in the first place. Like a gift from my psyche, reassurance - though far from therapy. I rarely get good poems out of writing therapy (which is why I journal to feel better). I think of it more an assertion of selfhood and of toiling against the cultural assumption that being alone, isolated and vulnerable is a bad place and that those moments of aloneness should be sped through with haste. Lest we forget, poems can and should come out of any moment.


Jen said…
I am so glad to see that one published. You know it's my favourite. And I still love it. :)
Lindsay Bell said…
Thanks, Jen! :)

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