In Which I Play the Broken Record

Remind me to never, ever attempt to debate the stricture of gender roles on reality competition TV with anyone who loves reality competition TV ever again. I cannot help but get all didactic about it. And I really sort of hate reality TV of any stripe (although the competitive ones slightly less, as they at least seem to have a purpose behind their existence besides annoying the shit out of me). This is partially why I don't watch TV, aside from the news, and the typical liberal smorgasboard of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Rachel Maddow. And cartoons. And anything sciencey that catches my fancy. So, naturally I indict myself as one of those people from square one.

But back to arguing things I shouldn't bother arguing. I still do and will continue to do so to my detriment, trust. I argue, if one is good at _____, engaging, skilful, what-have-you, it really shouldn't matter if s/he is effeminate or macho. I don't care what art form we're talking about. It just doesn't fucking matter. It doesn't matter if s/he likes ladies or gents or both in bed or if that "shows." When the response to this argument is "but it doesn't seem right/good/effective", I must must query from whence does this dismissive conception of right/good/effective come? Subvert the dominant paradigm!

Perhaps everyone should raise their children like these folks do.


mj said…
Many think I am gay.

Many think I am straight.

Many aren't sure so I get hit on my men and women.

I only accept the offers from the women.

I have admitted to one or two thoughts about men.

The rest is semantics.

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