I have been called a "ninja of satire" by writers so famous you have never heard of them.

I have been simultaneously the most mind-numbingly bored, under-utilized, under appreciated and wildly creative administrative assistant in the Western Hemisphere.

I came, I saw, I put everyone on notice.

I am. The Most Unemployed Woman in the World.

Thanks for bearing my self-involvement, y'all. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, if anyone hears of any opportunities for gainful (or gainless) employment within the reach of my crippled savior, the CTA, don't be shy.


Smita Tewari said…
Come out of this! Why are you unemployed? Ask yourself, and keep writing. That, too, is employment. Great writers are born out of nothing!
Lindsay Bell said…
Smita -

It is good and worthy to think of writing as a form of employment - it most certainly is! However, I was a writer with a day job which offered me the financial support I needed to keep writing in my off-hours.

It is a fine thought, also, that great writers are born of nothing. But, I agree with Virginia Woolf that a writer needs to have enough money to live and a room of her own - there are requirements to succeed in this world. Each of us has her own requirements and one of mine is that I have a decent-paying job. Without this, I simply do not have the peace of mind necessary to write at my best.

Thanks for reading and commenting - I appreciate your perspective!

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