Do the wave

So, I got an invitation to that Google Wave thing last night. I am still trying to figure out how exactly it is not email and whether these rumors of a Wave v. Email celebrity deathmatch are at all warranted. Input welcomed.

Also, just in case there was any confusion on the subject, I do not speak Romanian. Also, I'd prefer not to opine on your poems if a) I don't know you from Adam; and b) you've never commented here before. Let's get to know each other first, kids! You should know by now I don't go all the way on a first date!


Anliz said…
It's o to comment your poems and exchange views before getting the honor of your opinion onn one's own art, but where are your poems?
Lindsay Bell said…
I have links to a number of my poems in the sidebar. I don't regularly self-publish here, but if you have the inclination to wade through my archives, I posted a poem a day back in April as a special project. That said, I don't need folks to comment on my poems specifically to constitute a thoughtful exchange of views and warrant the (somewhat dubious) honor of my reciprocal commentary. :) Thanks for reading.

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