I will always be a smartass to you on the internet

I just can't help it. It's the introvert's balm. Mostly an impotent gesture, but really, what's a writer to do but shout into the void? Or sing, or croak, or whatever best reflects the mood of the moment.

Aside from the above vagaries, I do have a few thoughts to share. On simultaneous submissions. I simultaneously submit. It's what I do, and it is a very very rare occasion indeed when I submit to a journal (on purpose) that does not allow simultaneous submissions. When I do, I make sure it is a journal I really love and respect and understand on some level. Otherwise, they can get bent. And I will tell them that on the internet.

I can understand the impetus behind barring simultaneous subs - it's a pain to have to deal with the correspondence and what if a poet has a poem accepted elsewhere and neglects to inform other places of that acceptance? Bummertown. Ultimately, only the editor can really *get* the reasoning behind their guidelines, I warrant, and my vision will forever be tainted by my status as lowly poet. But, I can always take my fatass poems elsewhere if I disagree. That's the only power I have at the moment, and it's not much power. I shall wield it!

Poetry as a thing in itself is a gift economy. As such, it always feels kind of wrong to restrict its exchange, to gate-keep, to use form letters and such. In fact, I take it back about readings being horrible. I think readings are wonderful. In fact, there should be more of them, more casually, more exuberantly. There ought to be more free exchange, more discussion, more interaction, unencumbered by slush pile wading and such.

Also, I had a job interview yesterday and it went well! Fingers crossed. Also, I stay in shape mostly by playing Dance Dance Revolution. I can almost combo Tsugaru on difficult. Also, no one sleeps like my cat sleeps. You sleep, cat. You show us how to just sleep and that's what we need.


David Grove said…
I understand, and occasionally succumb to, the temptation to sass an invisible interlocutor (I'm so introverted I put my skin on over my clothes), but isn't that like flipping the bird at a blind guy? Shouldn't we always try to be polite,even on the internet? Am I being a smartass? I hope not.

I read a couple of your poems. Good stuff.
Lindsay Bell said…
That analogy has merit. The flipping the bird at a blind guy thing. I think the trick is to simultaneously flip the bird and explain to the blind guy that you are flipping him the bird. I am definitely being a smartass.

Thanks for reading, too.
Jen B said…
I'm a sheep. I bow to the "must not be out elsewhere" mantra. I admire your courage. But then I'm writing short stories, not poems, so does that matter? Anyway, still admiring.
Lindsay Bell said…
A sheep among fictionauts, Jen, but a rarity among poets. I don't know any poets who don't sim sub. I can't really say why the practice is so prevalent among poets and not fic peeps, but I have an inkling that our egos are much frailer, so one rejection could destroy us utterly, unless we can shrug and say, "well they only publish their friends and anyway it's pending at two other mags." Also, I think there might have been an interesting piece about it recently at HTMLGIANT. You might have to wade through some archives to get there, but I'm pretty sure they had better insight than I do on the matter. :)

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