Why are people still arguing about this?

Apparently, there's an article being teased on the New Yorker that has called into question whether Samantha Geimer was, in fact, raped by Roman Polanski.

I mean, really? Take away the fact that she said "no" multiple times (read the transcript if you haven't), take away the booze and the quaaludes, she was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. READ: THIRTEEN YEAR OLDS CANNOT LEGALLY CONSENT TO SEX.

But, the fact that people insist on constantly rehashing this argument belies a larger and much more disturbing issue - rape culture has programmed even the most outspoken of wishy-washy liberal celebrities to defend it. Yes, I am personifying rape culture. It is all I can do so as not to be so angry at Kristen Scott Thomas. Thankfully, Emma Thompson has mended her rape apologizing ways.

As for the New Yorker article, I can't bring myself to read it, but my guess is that it has a healthy dose of victim-blaming, embrace of the idea that artists and Holocaust victims are somehow above reproach for their misdeeds because of what they have created or endured. Yes, Polanski had a rough start in life, lost a wife and unborn child, lived comfortably in exile from the U.S. for many, many years. That does not make him any less a rapist!

And that's all I have to say about that.


ANNA-LYS said…
dankprofessor said…
Emma Thompson has never publicly withdrawn her support of Polanski. The article you cited referred to a student who said she withdrew her support. The student said that Emma said
but Emma Thompson has never publicly uttered a single word against Polanski. Check out your "facts".
Lindsay Bell said…
dankprofessor - http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/thehumancondition/archive/2009/11/10/emma-thompson-s-polanski-reversal-even-celebs-get-peer-pressured.aspx - I think you should check your attitude before commenting on my blog. Rude for someone who claims to, yet does not actually know the facts. Also, minus five points for excessive use of quote marks.
Lindsay Bell said…
Also, I think it is beside the point that Thompson has not publicly spoken out against Polanski - I think her removing her name from that ridiculous petition is statement enough. BTW, did I actually write that Thompson spoke out against Polanski? I did not. Now begone, troll that thou art.

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