NPM 12

Yes, as a matter of fact, I DID delight in writing the two very bad puns in this one.


Have more - have seconds, thirds,
fourths even. Have until you have
not, until your pants unbuckle
themselves and you are mistaken
for gravid. Have soup, then have
bread, then shake and demonstrate
the food techtonics inside you.
Have lemon pucker and habanero
shout. Dig your shoulders into the
squeeze and don't rub your eyes.
You can see clearly now, capsaicin
is gone. Have with abandon, spiced
pear slices, ribbons of egg noodles.
Blanch, bake, beg the icing-caked
beaters, fudge-rimmed bowl, pan-fry,
glaze veg to glistening, twist pretzel
dough, shake crumbs, mold pastry,
simmer savories, melt strong cheese
and real butter. Add full cream, not
half, now you have it, dairy, don't
let it go untasted.


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