NPM 24

I realize I'm skipping around a bit and have missed a number of these buggers, but I still have many boxes to unpack and no internet at home yet, so I'm struggling to keep up. Hopefully, I'll write a few this weekend and fill in the gaps on Monday.

I missed writing an Earth Day poem, but I got Arbor Day. Although this poem has really nothing to do with its being Arbor Day, it was just a convenient title.


Arbor Day, 2009

Today, we are unbecoming.
We stutter through the world's
largest burritos at the Veteran's
Memorial, dribbling juice
and stray beans on the pavement,
in the grass. We are like rubber,
bellies full of ethical meat.
No standard of beauty can affix
itself to this moment -
we are so near the earth
earthy feels redundant.
By the fountain, the office girls
teeter on their Payless bogo stilts,
knees articulate like marionettes.
I will stay in the boots, I say.
I will not eat a salad.


Happy Friday!


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