NPM 29

I lifted the first line from the Margaret Atwood lectures I previously referenced. Upon listening, I can confirm they are well worth it. I may have to listen again and/or get a hold of the book, but definitely she shares a few insights with Anne Carson vis a vis the cultural significance of the notion of economy (Economy of the Unlost), though ultimately Atwood focuses more on our indebtedness to the planet and the preservation of its resources (not a surprise for those who are familiar with her work). I say we revert back to trade and barter, in light of my listening experience, and this shitty economy in which we seem to be forever mired. And due massively to my desire to be doing something good and worthwhile with my hands, aside of course from writing poems no one reads.

Signs Point to Yes

Hell is an infernal maxed-out credit card
so always make him pay in cash.
Treat your body as a temple and you'll receive
plenty of offerings. Some may be burnt,
or blood, but a deity rarely has a say these days
as to how she is worshipped. You may be
likewise the victim of some fairly paltry
tropes, or blazons, beginning with your
eyes, but eventually settling on those parts
Venus' hair so strategically conceals
on the half shell. Still you'll welcome,
lovingly, an entire economy into your arms,
you missing-from-heaven angel,
your heels both beautifying and immobilizing
in that moment of fruition, the telltale
something in your dessert, in your hollowed-out
book, dangling from the branch of that tree
under which you first made it, or is that a movie?
It must be, for those who make the mistake
of verbing before they've nouned are left
cynical, which wanton shifts your prophetic
nursery rhymes tend to accomodate but awkwardly.


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