NPM 26

I really like writing list poems and I'm pretty okay at it. I hope to make this a series of some sort.


Items Collected #1

Box of Kleenex, blue with shells,
a bee the size of a fist, six dried
markers with chewable caps,
purple terrycloth headband
with embroidered pink phrase
Get In Shape, Girl!, white cotton
training bra (never worn), sheets
and sheets of numbers written
in the pursuit of the highest known
number (it would be cheating to skip
to such a number), all the Saras I have
known, seranaded by Starship, circa
1987, an ice cream bucket filled
with clothes pins, one bottle non-toxic
peelable nail polish, light pink,
a shoebox full of fast food toys,
wrapped, Sunday school merit badges,
yellow flip flops, matted bangs,
vinyl pool with a hole patched
by bubble gum (neighbor kids),
several multi-colored vests, one bug
collection (including butterfly
in chrysalis)


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